How to Craft a Winning Strategy for Your Shopify Store

Marketing can be a confusing field, especially if you haven’t tried it before. At first, it might seem that this is overly complicated, expensive and is not viable. You may have tried one or two ideas to build an online store, without success. Happily, there’s a workable solution if you find yourself in this kind of situation: You need to develop a good plan.

You may have to use a few tactics to try and attract customers to your new store. Every one of these tactics forms part of your strategy. Your marketing plan should, therefore, outline how you’ll go about everything. This plan helps you make decisions about who you want to reach, how you plan to advertise and precisely what you want to say.

 If you understand your goals in marketing, it will be much easier to find the right tactics that work to sell online. This plan should work well at all levels of your selling cycle. Here are some winning steps in marketing your Shopify business:

Define your message

To properly sell your store, you need to use consistent, targeted messaging. You need to give your customers adequate information to help them make decisions on what products or services to buy. Of course, all this depends on several factors. Every time you create new content or advertisement, use specific messaging techniques to ensure it reflects your brand.

To attain success, you need to develop your message skillfully. You may even try writing specific words that answer certain questions. These can be questions like: Why is my store special? What makes it so? How am I different from the competition, what sets us apart? What individual items do I offer to customers? What do I stand for?

Such questions help you brainstorm. After this session, write a message using a few of the words in the answers you wrote down. If, for example, you offer a product that differs from the competition because it is eco-friendly, use words that resonate well with this theme. These can be words like ‘recyclable’ or ‘green,’ words that are likely to have an impact in mind.

Choose the right marketing channels

You can market your Shopify store in many ways. These may include, using blog posts, social media, press releases, paid advertising and email marketing. You need to make wise decisions on this since some marketing channels are suitable for the short-term and others for long-term business. Try to develop a mix of methods that you can use to reach a variety of customers. For instance, you can opt to pay for online advertising. This will attract more customers. At the same time, you can maintain a blog. This will attract repeat customers to the store.

Remember that there is always a cost to any marketing endeavors. It does not matter whether you have invested much time or money in such strategies. The cost factor is significant and must be put into account. For this reason, before selecting your marketing channels or creating advertising content, be sure to set a budget. There could be some hidden costs that need to be planned for.

Ultimately, what is important is to grow your business.  It is good always to learn more ways that will enable you to make that first sale. You can line up several products for online advertising. Many tools exist to facilitate this, including Instagram ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, and Pinterest pins.

Seek to understand your customers

Just imagine the kind of customers who may be searching for your products. What is their possible age? What is their economic status or roles?  Where do they live? Of which gender are they? What challenges do they daily encounter?  Do they have unique personality features?

The more you understand your potential customers, the better suited you will be to target their individual needs in your marketing endeavors and the more likely they are to buy from you. Of course, you cannot reach everyone with your marketing. Nevertheless, you can work to try and attract customers that have a higher chance of becoming buyers.


You need to analyze the traffic in your online store. If you find that the online store is receiving visitors already, then this is a good sign. You can learn about sales trends and customer behavior in greater detail. The Shopify will assist you in doing this. It is also possible to set up some analytic services using tools like Google analytics. With just a little effort, these tools can help you analyze how customers are interacting with your store.

Employ unique tactics

Your store is unique. This means that the marketing strategies and tactics that you employ to promote your store should also be unique. The tactics you choose to use should depend on what products you want to sell, the brand you wish to promote and the customers targeted. Select tactics that make good sense for your business. You might include a few of these factors in your marketing tactics:

  • Pricing: price your products competitively according to market trends.
  • Research: Analyze data and collect feedback.
  • Sales promotion: offer discounts and product promotions.
  • Develop content: create some written content for social media, blogs or other forums.
  • Advertise: Advertise using audio, print, or online ads to spread the message about your products or services.
  • Public relations: manage the reputation of your Shopify store and business brand.
  • Customer relations: Create loyalty by offering support to customers.
  • Community involvement: Connect with your customers, utilizing shared interests.


It can be very challenging to market a new Shopify store successfully. This is especially so when you are just starting out. For this reason, begin your strategy with short-term goals in mind and slowly progress to manage the long-term goals. If you get into trouble trying to achieve your goals, do not be in a hurry.  Remember that a long journey is made up of many small steps. Once you achieve a particular milestone, work towards making the next goal. Be confident that your marketing plans will be a winning strategy that leads you to success in selling online. Read more