There are a lot of websites that offer a domain name along with the web hosting services. Even the companies that offer free web hosting service offers domain names. Recently there has been added concept of top-level domain names. These are exclusive brand names being used as domain names to exude exclusivity and a more professional look. To ensure that your brand grows well and is recognized as a premium brand people register for top-level domains.

Using top-level domains for your website takes branding to the next level and ensures that brand name is registered well with the consumers. The top-level domains give a fair idea to your visitors about your business and understand your country of origin, for example, buildyourownhome.aus, a possible top-level domain for a real estate business.

The benefits of using top-level domains for your website are:

  • The idea is innovative. The concept of having a brand name as the domain name and the origin of the business. This is a unique idea that helps in making your business successful and also adds charm to the business.
  • There is increased security. When a company uses a top-level domain name for their website. There is an additional security layer added to the site. This makes the path much more secure for the customers. The data that the customer enters into the website needs to be secured, and with additional security, the customers feel more secure. It also increases the reliability of the website. Since there is an increasing trend of e-commerce, the need to make websites safe is expanding and owning a top-level domain name just makes it much easier for you.
  • It offers the opportunity for better customer service. When you a top-level domain name, your customers have no difficulty in finding you. They can locate you very quickly without much trouble. Customer service is the key to success in today’s business world.
  • It improves branding. Every business wants to leave an impression. When you are using your business name as the domain name, it is going to reinforce the brand’s signature. This also makes brand recalling much easier for the consumers. The top-level domains usually have web addresses like,, carters. Messages. This creates an effect and makes the customer believe in the wholeness of the brands.
  • The marketing strategy is much more efficient. With effective branding, the marketing of the product is much easier as well. It works as 24/7 advertisement.


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