The anticipation for a free web hosting solution is a crucial decision. All you get is to identify a trustworthy web host. Yet, it can be a frightening task in the presence of many service providers and other available options nowadays. Web hosting is one field in which costs can easily load up, as hosting packages usually observe monthly billing. Thus, free web hosting service providers offer great opportunity to make easy savings.

Let’s make this task of finding a reliable free web host service provider easy by looking at some of its basic features:

  1. Disk Space And Bandwidth

Free web hosting provider assigns you a storage space, called as Disk space. You can use this space to store your website records including HTML files, databases, images, email, scripts, any form of media, etc.  Bandwidth indicates the load of website traffic, specifically data incoming (i.e. browsing your website) as well as outgoing (i.e. downloading files, viewing images). It also assists the amount of visitors and their activities such as downloading or streaming the content. Disk space deals with the size of your content, and bandwidth deals with how quick that content can be transferred. There are a lot of web hosting providers who offer unlimited bandwidth. However, when choosing the right hosting plan, you have to consider the fact of how much bandwidth your site needs. Because, you can still experience bandwidth issues on your site even if it’s an unlimited plan. Therefore, once you know how much bandwidth and storage space you receive from your web hosting plan. Then, you can make better verdict in finding the right web host.

  1. Uptime And Reliability

Uptime and reliability are two most important elements in web hosting. Uptime is measurement of your website’s ability to load any time someone visits your page. If a visitor is unable to connect to your site, he or she will certainly become aggravated and might never come back to your page again. Hence, having a reliable web host could have the opposite effect. A reliable web host would make users feel like they can access your website at any time. Since, there is always the possibility of potential errors. Sometimes, it might even be as simple as power outage in the facility where company stores its servers. So, here you need to consider other factors, such as how long the web hosting company has been in the business, their financial strength and success track record. While researching web host provider, you can also ask prospective web host to detail their disaster recovery plans.

  1. Email services

You must choose a web hosting provider that offers you with email services. They should provide you with webmail interface as well as, also include POP3 and SMTP access, so you can configure and access your emails on your mobile phones.


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